What I appreciate most in Tama is its personal service and the rapidity of responding to our requests. In our business immediacy is important and Tama cares about it.

Dieter (Germany)

We have already collaborated with Tama on several occasions and everything worked just as expected, swiftness in the transports, reception of documents, etc,

Aldo (Italy)

Working with Tama is easy, fast and very efficient. We just have to care about selling the cars.

Pierre (France)

Tama is always eager to make perfect operations and to avoid problems, its team is well synchronised and resolve all the incidents.

Roger (Switzerland)

It’s easy to work with Tama. I appreciate the integration of all required services when we buy cars. I also want to underline the importance of prices, the offer variety, the transport management, not forgetting the document delivery and all those needs Tama’s team perfectly knows and manages to fulfil satisfactorily.

Thomas (the Netherlands)